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JobScore Updates

Search firm communication

Today we made a few changes to help keep search firm recruiters in the loop about their candidates.

The search firm management feature makes it easy for you to assign search firms to jobs and ask them to submit candidates and have them submit candidates by email.

Now you can effortlessly keep search firms in the loop about their candidates...

  1. Just add a note and ask the search firm to move forward.
  2. Whenever your team emails a candidate through the system, the search firm recruiter is automatically added as a cc: so they know what's up
  3. As the team adds feedback on the candidate the search firm will automatically be notified.

A few more goodies:

  1. Don't want to let the search firm know what's up? You can easily choose to exclude them from communications.
  2. All communication is through email, so agencies won't see things they aren't supposed to.
  3. Here's the best part: Search firm recruiters can reply to the note alert emails they receive and their responses will be automatically recorded as notes in JobScore... No more cutting and pasting!

We hope that all of this makes it easier to work with your agency partners.

Email synchronization beta

We're opening up a beta that synchronizes your email with JobScore.  Here's how it works:

  • You click to authorize JobScore to talk to your email
  • JobScore records every email between you and candidates on their record in JobScore
  • If you need to you can make emails private or remove them entirely

This means that you won't have to think about copying and pasting emails into JobScore....every message you send to candidates and they send to you will be available so the entire team can easily see what's happening.

For now the beta is only available for customers on the enterprise plan who use Google's GSuite to power their email.  Please email if you'd like to participate.

Namely Onboarding support

We've updated our Namely integration to support their Onboarding feature.  If your company uses Namely Onboarding, please follow our updated installation instructions in the JobScore Helpcenter >>

Happy Hiring, and Happy Onboarding!

The user engagement report

At JobScore we believe that hiring is a team sport. We strive to make it easy for you to get everyone at your compny involved in recruiting.  That’s why we've always included unlimited users on every plan and we added more access levels last year.  

But inviting your team to use JobScore doesn't necessarily mean they'll play... So we created a new report for you to see whether people are logging in and performing key activities:

User Engagement Report

This report can help you get JobScore fully deployed accross your organization by showing who is using the system and who needs more attention + training.

The user engagement report can be accessed here by all users with the extended, admin & owner access level on the Professional and Enterprise plans.

Show team profiles on job descriptions

One of the most important variables for candidates when evaluating a new opportunity is who they get to work with.  Now you can choose to share information about the hiring team on your job descriptions.  When you choose to share a user's information job seekers will be able to see the following information for each user provided it's in JobScore:

  • First and Last Name 
  • Job Title
  • Their profile photo
  • The role they play in the interview process (recruiter, hiring manager, interviewer)
  • A link to their linkedin profile

You can control which user's profiles are shown when adding and editing job descriptions, here:

Add Team Profile Control

If you fill in everyone's information, your tuned up job descriptions end up looking like this:

Team Profile on Careers Site

Happy hiring!

Performance Improvements

We've completed some work so that JobScore loads faster on every page.  We also sped up some of our slowest pages for our largest customers.

If a page still feels slow to load, please email and include the URL of the page so we can investigate.

Happy Hiring!

Microsoft Azure Single Sign on (SSO)

We now support Microsoft Azure for identity management. Once activated you will be able to control your team's access to JobScore from the Azure Portal and your team won't have to create or remember a password to use JobScore.

Admins can activate the Microsoft Azure integration from the Integrations page in JobScore.  

Please contact if you have any questions.

Calendar Invite Mode

When we initially built our calendar integration we did our best to make things easy for recruiting coordinators who did a lot of scheduling.  Folks told us that most of the interview invitations they sent were accepted by their team, but that they had to wait to send confirmation emails to candidates, making a difficult task even harder.  So, the calendar integration, by default, auto-accepted all events we published, making it easy to schedule interviews and send confirmation emails to candidates in one step.

However, this caused problems for some companies that are accustomed to sending and accepting calendar event invitations. For these companies, we are excited to announce that we now have a calendar "invite mode" for Google Calendar, Microsoft Exchange and Office 365.

In invite mode, the events scheduled through the JobScore calendar integration are published as invites and the calendar behaves as it normally would, notifying the user of the invitations in their email based on their personal calendar settings.

JobScore keeps track of these events as invited, and shows this in the user interface:

Whenever users accept, mark tentative or decline these invitations, the scheduler is notified of the change, which looks like this:

Schedulers can easily take action from these emails to either send a confirmation email to the candidate once invitations are accepted or reschedule if they are declined.

Invite mode is now a self-service option for the calendar installation. If you are on the Professional or Enterprise plan, you can enjoy this and all other features from our Calendar integration.

If you'd like to learn more about switching to Calendar Invite mode, please contact

Review Candidates by Answer

A while ago we updated JobScore to allow you to insert custom questions in your job applications.  We've added a new page where you can review candidates based on how they answered questions.

It's called the Candidate Manager > by Answer and can be found here.  Here's a preview:

This page is very similar to the Candidate Manager > by Job page but has a few differences.

  1. You have the ability to filter your list of candidates based on whether they've answered specific questions and what answers they provided
  2. When you view results the answers to the first three questions you selected are shown in the table.
  3. If you want to see more answers, you can click "VIEW ALL ANSWERS" and see a larger version of the page that shows every answer provided in each candidate's job application.

Just like the Candidate Manager > by Job you can open up each row to see each candidate's contact info, employment and education history.  You also have full power of the action menu, so you can easily disposition candidates from this page, both individually and in bulk.

If you are using specific questions to pre-screen candidates and are aggressively advertising jobs, the Candidate Manager > by Answer page can make your life a lot easier in terms of reviewing applicants quickly.

Task status updates

Tasks power the JobScore calendar integration.  We've simplified the list of task statuses to make it easier to understand what's happening with your interviews.  Here are the list of status options when the calendar integration is turned on:

  • INVITED: Published but not yet accepted by the user on their calendar
  • ACCEPTED: Published and either accepted by the user on their calendar OR auto-accepted by JobScore
  • TENTATIVE: Published and marked as tentative by the user on their calendar. 
  • DECLINED: Published and marked as declined by the user on their calendar.
  • OVERDUE: The end time of the task is in the past
  • COMPLETED: The user added a note (interview feedback) OR marked the task as completed in JobScore.

If you don't use the calendar integration task statuses do less:

  • ASSIGNED: The end time of the task is in the future
  • OVERDUE: The end time of the task is in the past
  • COMPLETED: A user marked the task as completed

These status options are used consistently throughout JobScore and are color-coded to make it easier to understand what's happening at a glance:

Please let us know if there's anything we can do to help make scheduling and collecting feedback easier for your team.


Calendar invites (.ics files) in candidate interview confirmation emails

Starting today when you schedule an interview in JobScore and click to send an email to a candidate in the same step, an .ics file is included in your email. This control appears here:

This means that a calendar "invitation" will be included in your email.  This invitation (an .ics attachment) makes it easy for the candidate to add the interview to their calendar with one click. The calendar event, should they choose to add it, will include the subject and body of your email so they have the information they need at their fingertips.

Invitations are now sent by default whenever you choose to schedule an interview and send an email at the same time.  If you prefer not to send a calendar invite to the candidate just uncheck the box.

Happy Hiring!

Interview rescheduling confirmation emails

We know that scheduling appointments often feels like playing tetris... and no matter how hard you work to create the perfect interview panel that things come up and you need to reschedule.   

The JobScore calendar integration notifies you whenever a team member declines or edits a scheduled interview.  Now whenever you edit a task to reschedule an interview you can check a box and send an updated schedule to the candidate with one click:

Happy hiring!

Edit text on mobile and tablets

We've updated the rich text editor we use for job descriptions, notes and emails throughout JobScore so you can add and edit text on mobile devices and tablets.

Updated Email Layouts

We've updated the look and feel of some of our most frequently used emails... in particular those seen by hiring managers and your team when they interview candidates. Here are a few before-and-afters of the changes:

Candidate Alert



​Pre-Interview Reminder



Post-Interview Reminder



Note Alert



Have another email you receive all the time that needs a little work done? Take a screenshot and forward it to

LinkedIn profile links in candidate interview confirmation emails

Many of you told us that when scheduling interviews you include links to your team's LinkedIn profiles in candidate confirmation emails.  This makes it easier for candidates to do a little research on who they will be speaking with so they can be more prepared – which is a great idea! So, we've added it to JobScore.

Now, for each user in the system you can store their public LinkedIn profile:

Once added, you can use the "Insert Interview schedule" control to include that user's public LinkedIn profile in the email: 

If you'd like to find a team member's public LinkedIn profile link, simply locate them on LinkedIn and click here:

Admins just need to copy and paste this link into the user's record and voila! Less clicking and candidates who are more prepared!

HTML Email support

The emails you send to candidates through JobScore are now HTML.  This means that whenever you compose an email, edit an email or add/edit an email template, you'll be able to use the following formatting controls:

  • Bold
  • Italic
  • Underline
  • Bullet Points
  • Numbered Lists
  • Text Size
  • Text Alignment
  • Hyperlinks

Enjoy the ability to send prettier emails!


Flexible Interview Reminder Emails

You can now configure JobScore to send multiple pre- and post- interview email reminders for each user.

  • Multiple pre-interview reminders are useful because you can set up a reminder the day before your interview to prompt you to look up the candidate's background and prepare, and another 10 minutes before the interview so you have what you need to get started.
  • Post-interview reminders help ensure the team enters feedback after interviews.  Post interview reminders are only sent when there is a note template associated with a task (prompting the user to add feedback).  Once the user adds feedback, the task is automatically marked as completed and post-interview reminders are cancelled.

Based on your feedback, we've also updated the default interview reminder settings in JobScore to match what's shown below:

IMPORTANT:  JobScore now sends reminder emails daily for one week if the user doesn't enter feedback after an interview.  To change these settings visit the View User > Overview page and click to edit their task alerts.  Interview Reminder settings can only be edited by users with the OWNER and ADMIN access levels.

Learn more in our helpcenter article about Interview Reminders >>

ADP Workforce Now® Integration

We've launched a connector for customers who use JobScore and ADP Workforce Now®

The connector auto-magically pushes information about the candidates you hire into ADP, minimizing data entry and allowing you to kick off onboarding the moment you hire someone.

Step by step instructions to install the connector can be found here >>

Reports Tab & Reports Overview

We made a few changes to make reports easier to discover and use.  If you can see reports, a tab now appears in the primary navigation. As a reminder users with OWNER, ADMIN and EXTENDED access levels can see reports.

We've also added a page that summarizes all of the reports in JobScore.  Anytime you want to access this page, just click on the reports tab.  

Check out the new reports summary now >>

Confidential Fields

Candidate questions and job fields can now be made confidential. When a user is restricted from seeing a confidential field, a lock icon is shown instead of the value:

Starting today all candidate and job compensation fields are confidential.  Here's who can see what:

Access Levels and Confidential Fields

  • Users with the OWNER and ADMIN access levels can see every confidential field, all the time.
  • Users with the EXTENDED, STANDARD and LIMITED access levels cannot see confidential fields by default (see below)
  • The idea is that OWNERs and ADMINs are recruiters and hr folks that can see everything confidential, while others can't.

Confidential Access per Job

  • Users with the EXTENDED and STANDARD access level may be granted confidential access for specific jobs.
  • When granted confidential access for a job, the user will be able to see both the confidential data for the specific job and all candidates under consideration for said job.
  • Per job confidential access was built for users with STANDARD or EXTENDED access to see all of the information for their own jobs, but not every job in the system. This way hiring managers can see compensation data for their own candidates, but not other candidates.

Here's how you can control confidential access per job in the job details area:

To make things easier, you can edit the list of confidential jobs for users with the STANDARD and EXTENDED access levels from their user page:

Want to make some things confidential right now?  Edit your candidate questions or job fields and check the confidential box.

A Few Changes to Candidate Sources

Based on your feedback, we've made a few changes to the default list of Candidate Sources:

  • The "Career Fair" primary source has been renamed to "Event." We did this because many of you are recruiting passive candidates at meetups, industry events, and more.  All external candidates will now see "Event" instead of "Career Fair" in the list of sources.
  • We've added a new primary source type called "Internal" to make it easier to keep track of internal applicants and positions that are filled internally.  The "Internal" source will not be shown on your careers site, only your team can select it.

Hopefully these changes will make the source quality report even more useful.


Permissions: New Access Levels

Until today JobScore had just 3 access levels: Owner, Admin, and User.  We just made some changes to access levels that will make it easier to get more people involved in the recruiting process:

  • Owner & Admin: The owner and admin roles remain unchanged.  Everything is exactly the same.
  • User: This access level has been eliminated.  Everyone who had the user access level now has the extended access level.
  • Extended:  A new access level designed for hiring managers that need more power in the system.  Extended includes everything that is currently in the user access level plus the ability to see reports.  Extended users can see all candidates and jobs, just like users could.
  • Standard:  A new access level designed for hiring managers that should have less power and visibility in the system. Standard users can see candidates assigned to jobs where they are on the hiring team and their referrals, but that's it.  Standard users can see everything for jobs where they are on the hiring team, but just the job description for all other open jobs.
  • Limited: A new access level designed for people who only interview candidates and make referrals.  Limited users can only see people who they are scheduled to interview and candidates who they refer.

Though access levels have been updated, private notes and private emails have not - everything works the same.  All access levels are available on all plans and all plans still include unlimited users - because we want to make it easy for your entire team to use JobScore.

Still have questions?  Check out our new guide to access levels and user permissions in JobScore.  Here's a cheat-sheet chart that shows who-can-do-what:


Need even more control over who can see what in JobScore? In a few weeks time we will launch "confidential fields" which will allow you to control which Extended and Standard users can see confidential information (e.g. compensation requirements and salary bands) for specific jobs.  For now, only people with the Owner & Admin Access levels can access confidential information.

Questions?  Please contact support.


Job Templates

Job Templates make it easy to create unique job configurations for different locations and departments.  For instance, you could create 3 different job templates with different candidate questions for engineering, sales and marketing positions... so you don't have to re-build a job application every time you create a new job.  Job Templates also allow you to store specific job description text, images/videos, and more, making it that much easier to add new jobs.

Job Templates prompted us to change how a few things work in JobScore:

Now users with the owner and admin access level can create as many job templates as they want.

When adding a new job, you'll be prompted whether you want to use a job template or whether to copy an existing job:

Candidate Questions in Job Applications

You can now insert custom questions into Job Applications.  This means that if you are hiring a French teacher you can ask job seekers "How long have you spoken French?" and store an answer.  Here's how it works:

  • There are 4 types of self-service candidate questions: Text, Multiple Choice, Checkbox and File Upload.
  • Candidate questions can be optional or required on a job-by-job basis.
  • All questions are re-usable across your jobs and are stored in the candidate questions library.
  • We've added some sample questions to your library to make it easier to get started.
  • You can include a question in every job application form by adding it in your global careers site configuration settings.
  • If you are on the professional or enterprise plan you can add and remove questions on a job-by-job basis.  If not, you can only add and remove them in your global careers site configuration settings.

While candidate questions are powerful, we encourage restraint.  Try to use them sparingly because every question you add to your job application form decreases the likelihood a great candidate will complete it.

In the next few weeks we'll add the ability to have multiple job templates in your account.  This will allow you to set up job application forms with different questions for specific departments & locations in your company.  Stay tuned!

Need a hand configuring candidate questions? Please email

New Free / Organic Job Boards

When we launched Automatic Job Distribution we also launched a few more free job sites including LinkedIn Limited, Monster Organic, CareerJet,, and ResumeLibrary.  

LinkedIn and Monster still have their paid options which provide more exposure and outperform organic listings.

Have more free job boards you'd like us to add?  Please email or add them to the Ideas Forum so other JobScore customers can vote up your idea!